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Senegal customers order three sets of peanut shellers

Post by adminOct-22,2018

On October 19th, two Senegal customers came to visit our peanut sheller machine factory. The customer is a local peanut grower in Senegal. Every year, a large amount of peanuts need to be processed quickly. They need to sell the processed peanuts to Europe. Therefore, they especially need a peanut sheller machine for rapid processing. The TZ-3000C peanut peeler sold by us can process 3000 kg per hour, and the peanut breakage rate is only 2%, which is very in line with the customer's requirements, so Senegal customers immediately ordered three peanut peelers. 

Peanut shelling machinePeanut shelling machine
The peanut peeling machine we sell is not only a large amount of processing, but also very energy-saving, and the noise is very small. The quality of peanuts after peeling is also very high. If you want to know more about our peanut peeling machine, you can go online. Please contact us or send us your questions by email.

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