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Peanut sheller needs reasonable maintenance

Post by adminOct-11,2018

Peanut shelling machine
   Peanut shelling machine is used to remove peanut shells. Most of these agricultural machinery have a long service life. Some simple maintenance measures can make them better, and their performance is stable and reliable.
   The operation process of the peanut sheller is as follows: the peanut grain and the broken peanut shell pass through the screen with a certain aperture under the rotating wind pressure and blow of the rotor. At this time, the peanut shell and the grain are subjected to the blowing force of the rotating fan, and the weight is light. The peanut shell is blown out of the machine, and the peanuts are filtered through a vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
   For agricultural machinery such as peanut shellers, performance stability is important. Only a long-term stable output can bring more profits to customers.
But the wear and tear of peanut machinery is also a common phenomenon. How to reduce this phenomenon? Shuliy Machinery tells you three small methods, hope to help you.
   First, during the use process, it needs to be lubricated regularly, which can effectively reduce the degree of machine wear.
  Second, regular inspection of each component, if parts with serious natural wear and tear are to be replaced.
  Third, the operation should be carried out according to the instructions for use to avoid damage to the components.
   Through the above content sharing, if you want to reduce the wear of the peanut sheller, in addition to the operation requirements, regular lubrication is also critical.

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