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How to ensure that the peanut sheller can operate normally

Post by adminOct-11,2018

Peanuts are now being intelligentized in many countries, whether they are planted or harvested. Just as people used to peel peanuts, they were artificially carried out. The efficiency was very slow and the quality was not good. Now people use peanut peeling machine. peanut shelling machine for shelling, greatly improving work efficiency.
Peanut sheller needs to pay attention to many details in the operation process. Some accidents may occur after a little carelessness. Generally speaking, during the operation of the peanut sheller, it should always pay attention to its rotation speed, sound and bearing temperature rise. The abnormality should be stopped immediately and checked, and the work can be continued only after the exclusion.

Then, in the case that the peanut sheller works continuously for one day, it is best to check whether the fasteners of the drum, fan, screen box, air conveyor and each bearing seat are loose and fastened at any time. In this way, the peanut peeler can be operated normally.
Shuliy Machinery explains the three elements of peanut peeler maintenance. Element 1: When the machine is in use, always pay attention to the operation of each part, check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose, and if it is loose, it should be tightened at any time. Element 2, the bearing shaft and all the joints of the joint should be inspected in time for oil shortage and wear. If oil shortage occurs, it should be replaced in time. Element 3, a large inspection of the machine on a regular basis.
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