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Post by adminOct-10,2018

Shuliy Machinery mainly sells TZ-20 type almond sheller, which has a voltage of 380V.With a power of 1.5 kW, the machine can produce up to 500 kg / h, the machine has a length of 1900 mm, a width of 800 mm and a height of 1250 mm. The almond sheller we sell is a machine that has excellent performance, long service life and is not prone to damage. And its price is also very favorable.
Almond shelling machine
Our almond sheller machine is mainly used for shelling nuts such as almonds, peach kernels, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and American peach kernels.
It is easy to use and can be operated by one person, which can meet the needs of small dried fruit processing.
Apricot kernel shelling machine is a simple equipment for shelling apricot kernels. It has a single-stage shell and adjustable gap. This unit is a single-stage shell. After the apricot kernel is poured into the machine and the shell is broken, there is a part of the small apricot kernel that has not broken the shell. After screening, the gap of the shell breaker is adjusted and the shell is broken once. ,
Almond shelling machine
1. Before using the machine, first adjust the gap of the processing rolls according to the size of the apricot kernel. According to the size of the apricot core, the three levels are roughly divided according to the size of the apricot kernel. The gap size of the first, second and third processing rolls is adjusted in turn, and the gap between the rolls should be 1-1.5 mm smaller than the deviation of the apricot core.
2. After the gap is adjusted, it can be powered on. The order of starting is: total vibrating screen→three-stage processing→secondary processing→first-class processing→lifting machine→feeding.
3. In a large number of processing, first put a small amount of apricot kernels, check whether the gap between the pressure rollers of each level is appropriate. If the crushing of processed almonds is serious, please adjust the gap again until the desired effect is achieved.
4. After the processing is finished, it must be stopped in the following order, hoisting → primary processing → secondary processing → tertiary processing → total vibrating screen.
Our almond shellers are mainly exported to India, Senegal, the United States, Nigeria, South Korea and other countries.

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