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Peanut roasters must comply with certain requirements

Post by adminOct-09,2018

Peanut roaster is a peanut machine widely used in peanut food processing. Peanut roasting machine is widely used because the peanut roasting machine should follow certain requirements and steps during the use process to make the peanut roasting better and faster. Let me introduce the requirements for peanut baking.
Peanut roaster machine5
Peanut roaster machine6
1. Develop a maintenance plan for the peanut roaster machine. At the same time as the annual production and operation plan is formulated, it is necessary to develop a maintenance plan for the equipment in order to implement time, funds and manpower.
2. Establish a repair and maintenance inspection of the peanut roaster and let the maintenance personnel clarify their responsibilities. Technical training should be carried out before the training. Unqualified people cannot be employed. In addition, the necessary spare parts reserve is essential. .
3. Make a real record of maintenance and repair, establish a fault diagnosis team, analyze the cause of the failure, and study the exclusion measures.
4. Develop a maintenance system suitable for the company. All work is done to ensure that the oven is working properly.
The above are the requirements for the use of peanut roasters. In fact, no matter which machine, if we choose to use it, we should maintain and maintain it to ensure the normal life of the peanut roaster machine.

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