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Peanut machinery is conducive to the development of Indian agriculture

Post by adminOct-08,2018

Peanut machinery is an important part of agricultural modernization and an important guarantee for the sustained and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy. In recent years, the total amount of peanut machinery and equipment in India has been steadily increasing, the level of operation has been further improved, and the scale of socialized services has continued to expand, although currently The level of mechanization of peanut shelling is relatively high, but it is mostly used in economically developed areas and demonstration and extension areas, and there are fewer small machines and more large machinery, less low-grade machinery and less high-performance machinery. In some areas, peanut kernels used for seed and special purposes still use traditional manual shelling, with low labor productivity and uneven regional development.
India is one of the main producing areas of peanuts. Peanut has high nutritional value and economic value. Peanut shell can be used for bio-power generation as fuel instead of coal, and it can also comprehensively utilize deep processing and value-added. Market demand is strong. However, relying on artificial harvesting of peanuts is time-consuming and labor-intensive, coupled with the labor intensity, the labor force in the flower production area is obviously insufficient, and can not meet the market demand. The use of peanut mechanization is an inevitable development trend.
Peanuts have high economic value. Peanut seeds can be made into various health foods such as peanut oil. Peanut shells can be made into various building materials and market demand is strong. With the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure and the rising price of peanuts in recent years, the area planted with peanuts is expanding. When relying on artificial peeling of peanuts, the labor efficiency is low and cannot meet the market demand. Peanut machinery has contributed to agriculture, reducing people's labor and increasing productivity.

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